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If Greg has already worked on your car will you please send us an e-mail to Greg@MyMechanic-Greg.com with a few lines describing your experience?  You can find reviews on Yelp, Google, Angie’s List or check out our rating on  the BBB Website.  We are proud of the work we do and proud of what our customer’s have to say about us.  thank You. – Kristy Williams

“We have had Greg work on our vehicles a few times now, and we are impressed not only with his knowledge, but how honest he is. His turn-around time was great and he has absolutely gone out of his way to help us. His prices are fair and very competitive, however when you need someone you can trust, that isn’t a factor for us, but it is a nice benefit!” – Bekki & Wes

November 4, 2012
“I’ve had Greg work on two of my Mazdas and he has done quality work on both of them. He finished when he said he would, the pricing was exactly what he said it would be and the work was first class. The valve cover gasket job was far below the price of the dealer’s estimate. I highly recommend him for any of your car repairs.” – Bill C., Ridgefield, WA

November 19th, 2012
“I can say that Greg is honest, always gives us a call before he does anything outside upon agreed, makes recommendations as to what we might need in the future but “not now” but something we may want to save for and has been our mechanic for both of our cars!” – Janet Gullberg, Practice Manager, Portland Hypertension & Nephrology Clinic, LLP

I had Greg work on both of my cars—he does fantastic work and the cost was below other shop prices!!!

I had my car serviced with My Mechanic Repair recently and only have good things too say. I needed several items repaired on my car and some I was not aware of. Thanks to Greg’s professional approach to auto service he was able to advise me of a few items in need of repair on my car that I had no idea needed repair. When I picked up my car and saw my bill I was in shock that it was less than what I expected. I am used to other establishments trying to “up sell” to make more money on preventative maintenance or even things that are not in need of repair. When I drove my car home it drove very well and it felt like a different car even. It feels good to me to do business with Greg because I know that I am getting a fair deal on service. Plus I believe in supporting small businesses in my community. So if you need your car looked over or think something isn’t right definitely call Greg at My Mechanic and get the service we all deserve.
-Paul B
Portland Oregon

Greg is experienced, hardworking, and straightforward. He takes the time to thoroughly look over my car before presenting me with the appropriate options. He researches carefully and lets me know when I can save money safely. For example, when the part holding my spare tire under the van broke, he was able to find a good used one instead of having to order a new one. He also takes the time to make sure I have a great experience. My favorite is when I complained about horribly squeaky brakes. They were fairly new but he cleaned out the dust and grime and they stopped squeaking. It was an easy fix that no other mechanic had taken the time to do. I appreciate his work greatly!

Samantha G.
Vancouver WA

I have taken our 2 cars to Greg 2 or 3 times since Greg has been in business. We are very impressed with the quality of work he performs and most of all we are impressed with his honesty. I finally have found a repairman that I can trust. His prices are very reasonable too. I highly recommend him to anyone that needs work done. They will go out of their way to make sure you are happy.

Lisa P.
Vancouver WA


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